Granite Mountain - Colin Bryant

Colin Bryant

Granite Mountain

Granite Mountain is a relatively difficult hike that ends in a pretty fun scramble. The whole way up, it was basically an unspoken race between me and two of my friends. With these two friends, I will also, potentially, be summiting Mount Rainier with, so that might be interesting. 

As we got to the false summit, we took a pretty long "break". We basically found a rock and admired the view for about 30 minutes, and this wasn't even the top. So, after a good amount of time we continued up the scramble. 

This was my fist scramble I've ever done, and it was amazing. I loved to run up these massive boulders and leap between the gaping gaps. As we were nearing the top, I saw Tyson sitting on an overhang looking out in the distance. The best part about this picture I took, was that none of it was set up, the photo is 100% real.

We got to the top, and it was extremely windy, so I naturally set up hammock under the fire lookout. We didn't stay that long up there due to how cold and windy it was. So we took a few more pictures then headed back down. 

At this point, the sun was already getting fairly low in the sky, but the view was so incredible that we just kept sitting there and taking it all in. It started as a joke of not leaving, but extended for about an hour until it was getting dark. During that time, I felt great. Being in nature on a mountain with my friends and an amazing view during sunset. Nothing can beat that. 

Granite Mountain Video